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"Golden eggs, win awards" DDW this activity is quite lively

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Update time : 2021-01-19 10:29:17
"The golden hammer falls, the grand prize goes to you",On January 8th, 2001, there was a wonderful monthly celebration at DDW. In this colder than ever winter, did not affect the enthusiasm of everyone, the scene is still lively ~
After the activity started, we gave priority to the election of "Outstanding Employee of the Month" and "Outstanding Employee of the Quarterly". The "Outstanding Employee of the Month" was won by Xiaolong, the warehouse manager of the Production Department, and the "Outstanding Employee of the Quarterly" was won by Xiaomei, the Operations Department. Congratulations to the two partners on winning the title of Outstanding Employee.
After the election for "excellent employees", under the guidance of our host, the participants used their own points coupons to choose eggs, smash the eggs, and receive the lucky three steps in sequence. Together with the hammer, exquisite kitchenware, thermos mug, Dr. Sleep latex pillow, Brand hair dryer, Luolai home textile four-piece set, high-quality beauty makeup and so on. Good gifts have come to various companies. The "egg" is full of hair. You know the winning rate~


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