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What are the advantages of the classroom interactive whiteboard?

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Into the classroom interactive whiteboard 

Interactive whiteboards With the development of information technology, more and more schools are gradually equipped to enter the multimedia teaching mode. What advantages does the use of the teaching machine have compared to traditional teaching?


1 Stimulate students’ interest in learning

Interactive whiteboards may be the creation of scenarios, with its brilliant colors, attractive images, to attract the attention of students, to stimulate students to learn, can effectively guide students interested, orderly observe things, make some key lessons in difficulties can be easier to understand.


2 Enrich students’ imagination

Imagination can to a certain extent, to better develop students’ thinking ability and innovation. And rich imagination, and often vivid multimedia, visual image of the picture are inseparable. Teaching one machine can create a good learning conditions for teachers, for students to expand the imagination, to better develop students’ thinking ability and innovation.


3 Improve students’ ability to read aloud

Reading is a pleasure, but also a way of thinking training. The teaching machine can guide students to read the sense of language with pictures and dubbing. And it can be coupled with a wonderful music to inspire students to read aloud the entry into the situation to improve students’ reading ability.


4 Strengthen the connection between the classroom and the real world

Multimedia is a lot of schools in the application of a teaching method that can simulate a lot of real-world situation, will the outside world into the classroom something to perform with learning, so that students get closer to the real-world experience. The teaching-one integrated projector, whiteboard, screen, audio, computers, televisions, video conferencing terminals, and many other features meeting rooms office equipment, so the use of teaching one machine will help strengthen the link between the classroom and the real world.


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